Upgrade Your Food With Fresh Herbs

Young women cuts fresh herbs for a dinner

A new year is a perfect time for reflection. What have you succeeded in recently? What could you improve on? Which hobby do you want to explore a little deeper? If you answered that last question with cooking, there are so many ways you can improve the quality of your food. Without even changing your technique, you could take your meals to the next level by including fresher foods. For the freshest ingredients, you should consider growing them yourself. Start with herbs, and then work your way up. Here’s a little guide to growing your own herbs, to make things a little easier!

Where To Start

Start small. Basil, sage, coriander, mint, and rosemary are all everyday spices that you’d certainly get your use out of and are relatively easy to grow. Just because you start off with a small handful, doesn’t mean you can’t invest in more if you find yourself successful (like we know you will be).

When To Start

Well, the sooner the better. If you start now, you’ll have fresh herbs for the spring, which will give flavor and life to a new season of veggies.

Where To Start

There’s an easy answer to this and a more complicated one. The easy answer is your local nursery. But since some businesses might not have their usual selection at the moment, you could always buy herbs from the supermarket and move them over to your own planter. This is clever for those who are antsy to get cracking on using the new additions as soon as possible.

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How To Start

If you’re able to find the herbs you are looking for from a nursery, make sure you have a pot to put each variety in. Place the herb in first, and then pat soil or compost around it to ensure it receives nutrients. If you’re starting out with seeds to grow from scratch, add a spoonful to the soil and then cover it all.

Enjoy your fresh herbs! Switch it up every season, and get creative with your meals. Your family will thank you for it.